About Us

Value of the Person-Theory R Consultants has been an effective, grassroots organization for 40 years, impacting and influencing individuals, companies, and entire industries from around the country and across the world.

Early beginnings

It all began over 40 years ago, with the story of the Pittron Steel Foundry and the dramatic turnaround of one plant and its people, when Wayne Alderson delivered a pronounced change in leadership. There, the principles of the Value of the Person were born. And just as the principles of the Value of the Person – Love, Dignity and Respect – were lived out in very real ways, so the impact of that transformation carries on today, through the work of the Value of the Person Consultants.

Industries large & small

Value of the Person Consultants has carried its message to industries large and small, leading to dramatic transformations and cultural change. By embracing the Value of the Person style of leadership, each of these organizations and many others have created their own story of change. Whether a small office or a large corporation, Value of the Person works – it is rooted in people, not in a program. When those in leadership understand what it means to be a Value of the Person “Leader,” they influence change, not by words, but by actions. When people are truly valued, they desire to value others and to value the work that they do. Everyone wins.

Transforming Culture

We are unlike any other consulting group on the planet!

We are Culture of Relationships specialists, focusing on sustainability through people. As people are transformed, cultures are transformed, organizations are transformed.

View the video to experience the spirit of what transformation looks like, and CAN look like in your organization. Come along with us. See with your eyes and hear with your ears.