Leadership Team

Nancy Alderson McDonnell

President and CEO

The Value of the Person team and organization is spearheaded by Nancy McDonnell, President and CEO. She is a graduate of Grove City College, and the daughter of the late Wayne T. Alderson, a highly renowned peacemaker in labor-management relations across America. Working side by side with Wayne for 35 years, she was instrumental in building the Value of the Person Consultants into a vehicle for change, to inspire, teach, and challenge others to see how one person can make a difference through the principles of Value of the Person – Theory R leadership. In addition, she co-authored the book Theory-R Management. After Wayne’s passing in 2013, Nancy continued to deliver the message, joining forces with life-long friend, Barb Yogan. They have drawn together a powerful team of new “messengers” to lead the charge for transformation in the work place. Nancy and the team are now taking the Value of the Person to a new level of impact, meeting the challenges of today’s work force and business climate.

Barb Yogan

Vice President, Training and Development

Barbara Yogan joined Value of the Person in 2014 and brings a wide array of work experience to the team. Barb has been recognized as a top performer in outside sales, while owning and managing a family business. She is a National Board Certified teacher and has been mentored by Value of the Person founder, Wayne Alderson. Along with Master’s degrees in both business and communications, Barb brings energy and enthusiasm, and is key to our unique approach to the development of people within all levels of the organization. Lifelong friends, Barb and Nancy are closely connected by their vision and desire to “change the world,” one person, one workplace at a time. Together they are the leaders behind the movement.

A Powerful Team of Professionals with Personality and Heart

Nancy and Barb are joined in the organization by a number of other colleagues who make up the VOP Team. Each has real world experience in operations, having been personally impacted by the Value of the Person in their own workplaces, careers and in their homes. Each team member can speak to the commitment necessary to implement the principles of Love, Dignity and Respect and what it takes to make Value of the Person a way of doing business, and the culture of an organization.