Impact is easy to declare, but when you hear what others are saying, it becomes real. “Feel” the impact from these testimonials, and dream. Then contact us!



“Through VOP, we have built trust with each other. Our people are open to new initiatives, and give honest feedback knowing we will listen. By building relationships, through Value of the Person, we have become a world class company.”

Paul Limbach, Executive VP/COO ASF-Keystone, Amsted Rail


“Implementing Value of the Person-Theory R leadership gave us a new model that we used to modify our operating practices. Our success was dazzling, customer relations were world class, employee relations ranked first in the entire company, profits soared; and we were ranked best in the industry by the Automotive News!”

Joe Kordick, VP (retired), Ford Motor Company


“A year after diving in to VOP, our restaurant sales are up 18 percent. Our employees, from bottom to top, are taking ownership now, to make our business a success.”

David Cudnik, COO, Juniper Grill Restaurants

“3M has used Value of the Person-Theory R training in over seven plants. The results are phenomenal. It provided us with the means to encourage, motivate and improve employer-employee relations, and ultimately improved our bottom-line. I highly recommend this seminar!”

Bob Walters, Manufacturing Director, 3M Co.


“Of all the organizational, motivational, and self-improvement programs I have attended, only Value of the Person actually gets to changing people’s hearts and minds.”

Sharell Mikesell, VP Science and Technology (ret.), Owens Corning

“The Value of the Person-Theory R Seminar, with its unique approach to leadership, has made our Gillette operation a more successful business.”

Ron Peterson, Plant Manager, Gillette Co.


“Since we engaged Value of the Person in our operations, the spirit of enthusiasm within our restaurants is remarkable, employee to employee, with our guests and in the community.  The by-product of  ‘doing what is Right’ has been experienced through better retention, happier employees and dramatic increase in sales.” 

Pat McDonnell, CEO, Restaurant Holdings