In today’s business climate, where organizations are required to embrace change and innovation, Value of the Person will work for you. We bring a unique process of developing people and organizations that has been tested and proven over the past four decades. Significant results, such as employee engagement, trust, and loyalty, are at the top of the list. Valued people will do remarkable things!

Specialists in Cultural Change and Sustainability

We work with you to determine the best avenues to bring your people together under the umbrella of the Value of the Person, in order to achieve bottom line results that support the growth and excellence in your business. Our team of specialists consult, strategize, coach, and walk alongside you, working directly with you and your people. “Out of Relationships Everything Flows,” including your bottom line!

A few examples of sessions that we may design for you:

Off-Site Value of the Person-Theory-R Introductory Seminars – A public event open to all interested persons and organizations, held several times each year

On-Site Value of the Person-Theory-R Development Seminars – A private event tailored for your organization to build a culture of relationships

Leadership Development Workshops – Customized for you, geared to your business goals and employee challenges

Implementation, Strategy And Visioning Workshops – Designed to establish a long-term approach toward culture and people

Follow-Up Training Workshops – Onsite and customized to the organization’s business structure and people development needs

Skill Development Workshops, Focus Group Development, Point Team Enhancement Sessions – A complete opportunity for customization as needs surface from the people, the managers and the organization

Looking for the Perfect Speaker?

Engage the VOP as Keynote, Conference, Guest and University speakers, Conference Workshop Leaders and More!

Those on the VOP team are highly sought after as inspirational speakers, motivators, workshop leaders who with their demeanor and message are able to reach the hearts of any audience.  Through their inspiring, thoughtful, engaging presentations you can be confident they will deliver excellence to your group.  Our experiences have taken us to university campuses, as visiting professors and commencement speakers, a variety of business events, conferences and workshop venues to name a few.

Why Engage Value Of The Person?

Why choose a Way of Life, rather than just another Program?

Because valuing your people at every level is the RIGHT thing to do! We will help you to:

  • Assure the long term sustainability of your business
  • Catapult employee engagement
  • Maximize the power of building relationships at all levels of the organization
  • Transform managers in to Value of the Person – Theory-R Leaders
  • Establish and solidify a culture that provides a great employee experience
  • Achieve outstanding bottom line results
  • Tap in to Theory-R as an innovative leadership style

Who Should Participate?

Virtually every person in your organization can benefit, no matter their function and no matter the size of the company. The more employees you engage in the process, the greater the opportunity for developing a culture that values people and produces, as a byproduct, excellence in quality, safety, productivity, profits, and sustainability. Valued employees do remarkable things!


Added Value – VOP® Extends Into the Home

An added benefit to engaging Value of the Person is the outreach offered, as each participant is encouraged to bring their spouse or significant other to the seminar.  The principles of the Value of the Person and Theory R speak to where people are, both at work and at home. Participants will be challenged to become a better version of themselves, to do what is Right simply because it is Right! For this reason, the impact of the Value of the Person is far-reaching, not just for the workplace, but extends in to the home and community.

Why are we unlike any other consulting group on the planet?

We Reach Hearts. We Build People. So your people will build your business.

  • Where others send you trainers, we come ourselves – the principals of Value of the Person. We bring Value of the Person directly to you.
  • Our style ignites hearts, renews minds, and brings joy to your people. It is the platform for real employee engagement.
  • Our approach is unifying. We bring all parts of the organization together, working with managers along with employees.
  • We understand that culture can not be legislated, but must be rooted in the people. VOP holds the key.
  • We speak the message of truth, born and proven in the workplace, not in the classroom.
  • Our training is not a pick-and-choose, buy off-the-shelf program. We are builders, who work with you to customize according to your people and your organization.