Our process is centered around Value of the Person – Theory R, a model rooted in the principles of Love, Dignity and Respect and incorporating the five ‘R’s that define Theory R: Right, Relationships, Responsibility, Reconciliation, and Results. Our consultants equip you, through coaching, mentoring, and leadership development, to create a culture of relationships based on the
Value of the Person – Theory R.

At the Heart of Value of the Person – Theory R®

Value of the Person is based on a universal principle with universal application. It is a process, a perspective, and a means of relating. Value of the Person is not a canned program of management strategy or a new theory about how to manipulate workers into greater productivity. Rather, it is an approach to work and to the workplace that puts people first – that values people for who they are and which places Love, Dignity, and Respect at the heart of all business decisions.

Love, Dignity and Respect – Principles that Change Lives

For each one of us, no matter our background or station in life, a basic truth inherent in our humanity is the need to be valued and to be treated with love, dignity and respect. Value of the Person is the cornerstone of all relationships, not only at work, but in the home, the family, and every social setting.

When Love, Dignity and Respect are experienced as actions of affirmation, appreciation, and recognition, people and businesses thrive.

Theory R Leadership – A Style That Engages People

Theory R is a unique leadership strategy for a leadership style that engages employees at all levels of an organization. It is based on five tenets of personal accountability, detailed in the book Theory R Management.

Do What is Right
Build Relationships
Take Responsibility
Choose Reconciliation
Achieve Results… As a By-product

One Person Can Make a Difference –

Together We Will Impact Your Organization AND Change the World

Value of the Person Consultants is about creating a movement for change.  “One Person can make a difference” is a core value, a common thread found throughout everything we do.   The emphasis we place on the individual person making a difference is truly what makes us different.  It creates flow and movement that is real.  As individuals decide to personally make a difference in the lives of others, those seeds grow in influence and allow the power of the message to impact.  The movement gathers momentum one heart, one person at a time.  Before you know it, a company has changed, families have changed, and the world is changing.  Together, one person at a time, we can change the world with Love, Dignity and Respect.