Value of the Person-Theory R

Two-Day Leadership Seminar

An Experiential Learning Event that will equip you to


and differentiate your business from all others in your industry.

Designed for executives, managers, leaders, employees in any industry and any size organization.


to fuel excellence, profitability, productivity, increase sales, and sustainability in your organization.

“Out of relationships everything flows” …Including your bottom-line.


Learn How To:

  • Overcome the challenges of a hybrid work environment
  • Secure Employee retention
  • Gain Market share because of your people
  • Resolve problems and embrace challenges with positivity and excellence.
  • Inspire employee engagement, teamwork, loyalty, commitment, innovation and much more.

Value of the Person-Theory R “Principles and Precepts” will never fail you.
Valued People do Remarkable things!

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Value of the Person-Theory R Consultants has over 35 years of experience of documented successes helping organizations improve their bottom-line. Our focus is to create a movement for change, committed to the development of PEOPLE into purposeful and innovative leaders. Leaders who live by the standard of valuing people first, as a means to achieve and exceed business goals, all as a by-product of Doing what is Right!

“One Person CAN Make a Difference!”


Partner WITH Your People

Attend the seminar on your own or attend WITH several of your co-workers and associates. When you do attend with others, you will be able to return to your workplace ready to share and implement what you have learned as a team.

You and your team will leave the seminar with energy and Vision. Equipped to make a difference. Empowered to build the team within the walls of your business!

Make Your Good Company Better

Large or small, the key to making your business work depends on all employees working together as a team!

At this seminar, you will learn the steps to implementation and practical methods for integrating the principles and precepts into your organization. When Value of the Person becomes YOUR “Way of Life” it will spur individual and organizational change!

Engage with the Best, From the Field

An exciting part of the seminar is the interaction you will have with a panel of qualified speakers representing a variety of industries. It will be a time to engage, question and converse with those who are currently in the process of implementing Value of the Person as their Culture in their companies.

Build a Team at Work – Build Relationships at Home

This seminar will examine the dynamics of work/family relationships through the eyes of the Value of the Person-Theory R. Take advantage of our commitment to this subject by the unique opportunity to bring your spouse or significant other to the seminar, at no extra Seminar cost to you.

Overcome the Diversity Challenge

In a world of increasingly diverse workplaces, there has never been more of a need to embrace the core principles of Value of the Person-Theory R Leadership.

Value of the Person Consultants has been ahead of their time for over 35 years, proving that when organizations fully embrace, train and manage by these timeless truths, the tough issues around diversity have a way of dissolving, and collaborative teamwork takes place. A culture rooted in People inspires transformative change!

Cornerstone Principles And Cornerstone Precepts

Value of the Person Principles of Love, Dignity, and Respect are foundational values which serve as pivotal truths for “how” decisions are made and businesses are run.

“When people feel valued, they desire to value others, to care about the work that they do and to care about the organization they are part of. The changing of just one heart sparks transformation.”

You will discover at this seminar that three simple words – Love, Dignity and Respect – can and will transform YOUR people and YOUR culture!

Theory R Precepts provide the impetus for persons at all levels of the organization to become change agents for good, in order to overcome the challenges of an everchanging work environment.

You will discover at the seminar that when an organization is filled with leaders who care, spurred by the same mission and goal, YOUR Culture will become Real because it is rooted IN your people from the top, down.

Meet Our Team

Each member of the VOP Team has real world experience in operations and can speak of the transformation brought about by the Value of the Person.

Nancy Alderson McDonnell

President and CEO, VOP Consultants

Barbara Yogan

Vice President and Director of Training, VOP Consultants

Ed Self

Former USW Grievance Chair and Superintendent,
Amsted Rail Granite City (ret)

John Turyan

General Manager Manufacturing, Heinz USA (ret)

Donnie Chandler

Vice President Operations, Amsted Rail Granite City

We are unlike any other consulting group on the planet! We reach hearts. We Build People. So Your People Will Build Your Business.

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$795 Per Person – Spouse or significant other FREE

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Value of the Person-Theory R Seminar