Value of the Person-Theory R

Two-Day Business Seminar

June 18-19, 2024

Valued People Do Remarkable Things

Let us help you build a culture rooted in people, where employees flourish, companies transform, and customers seek out.

Take part in this experiential learning event and leave equipped to reach the hearts of your people.

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Valued People do Remarkable things!

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Value of the Person-Theory R Consultants has over 35 years of experience working with organizations to turn around and improve their bottom-line by creating a culture that values people, as a Way of Life. Our focus is to create a movement for change, to inspire the development of persons, both personally and professionally, into purposeful and innovative leaders committed to …

“Making a Difference that Makes a Difference!”


Attend the Seminar as a Team

We highly recommend attending the seminar WITH several of your co-workers and associates. It will make the seminar experience more engaging – heightening the breakout experience, one-on-one interactions and problem solving activities. Participants will leave with a greater sense of empowerment to be impactful when returning back to the workplace.

Make Your Good Company Better

By becoming a powerful influencer for Love, Dignity and Respect, you will be able to impact positive change to those around you and that means in your workplace too! No matter how good your company may be, energy, innovation and spirit are necessary to move it forward – Good to even Better! You will enjoy the journey of the seminar as your team of attendees are inspired to be THE LIGHT for doing things better when they return.

Engage with the Best, From the Field

An exciting part of the seminar is the opportunity to engage not only with the seminar presenters, but also with a panel of qualified speakers representing a variety of industries who are currently implementing Value of the Person in their organizations. Energizing and engaging exchanges of hearts and minds!

Build Relationships at Work and at Home – Bring Your Spouse or Significant Other

The relationship building principles of Value of the Person are not just for those in the workplace, but all relationships, including in the home. To show our commitment to wanting to develop and grow others, we provide you with the opportunity to bring your Spouse or significant other, at no extra seminar cost to you.

Grow Personally and Professionally

Value of the Person is about the development of the individual. Through self-reflection and self- evaluation, participants are encouraged to look at where they are, where they want to be and through the lens of the Value of the Person what they will need to DO to get there. Transformation is just an “act of kindness” away!

Cornerstone Principles And Cornerstone Precepts

Value of the Person Principles of Love, Dignity, and Respect are life changing, foundational values that every person thirsts for and desires. They are pivotal truths for building strong relationships and solid organizations. “When people feel valued, they desire to value others, care about the work that they do and the organizations they are part of. The changing of just one heart sparks transformation.”
At this seminar you will discover how three simple words – Love, Dignity and Respect – can and will transform YOU, YOUR people and YOUR culture! Theory R Precepts are five key influencers that provide the impetus for PERSONS wanting to become change agents for good. The seminar will help you to address personal and professional challenges with new found energy and move you toward a newly Renewed Outlook.

“Building Relationships through the Value of the Person-Theory R – Love, Dignity and Respect WILL change YOU, YOUR organization and YOUR Culture!”

Meet Our Team For The Pittsburgh Seminar

Each member of the VOP Team has real world experience in operations. They speak first hand to the challenges and successes that come from implementing Value of the Person-Theory R principles into daily operations and life challenges.

Nancy Alderson McDonnell

President and CEO, VOP Consultants

Barbara Yogan

Vice President and Director of Training, VOP Consultants

John Turyan

General Manager Manufacturing, Heinz USA (ret)

Donnie Chandler

Vice President Operations, Amsted Rail Granite City

Ketsia Yogan

Training Consultant, VOP Consultants

We are unlike any other consulting group on the planet! We reach hearts. We Build People. So Your People Will Build Your Business.

Seminar Details


Group Rate – $595

Individual Rate – $795  
Groups of 3 or more people qualify for the Group Rate

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Fill out the form below to enroll for this seminar. Space is limited. Enrollments will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Confirmation of your registration will be made after completion of registration form and receipt of payment.

Seminar & Hotel Location

Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh/Cranberry
2000 Garden View Lane
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
724-779-9999 ask for the “Value of the Person” rate

Cancellation Policy

Since enrollments are limited, cancellations less than 7 days prior to seminar cannot be refunded. However, substitutions are acceptable in such cases. Seminar fee is NOT transferable to other seminars.

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