Valued People Do Remarkable Things

A Culture Rooted In People Inspires Transformative Change

Value of the Person-Theory R

2-Day Business Seminar

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Love. Dignity. Respect.

Three Simple Words Can Transform A Culture

Value of the Person ( VOP® ) isn’t a program. It’s a way of life, a continuous journey of individual and organizational change. Our grassroots approach to work and the workplace puts people first and values people for who they are, touching hearts and encouraging personal change. The goal: to drive transformational change throughout the organization by creating a culture of Love, Dignity and Respect.

People Are At The Heart Of Success

Establishing A New Culture

Value of the Person – Theory R seminars and consulting services equip
you with new ways to inspire, lead, develop, love and grow your people. Our style is custom-oriented, getting to know you and your people, working together to find the best support resources: creating tools, training experiences and processes to meet the changing needs of the culture you are trying to establish.

Impacting Companies Large And Small

Our team of professionals has been bringing the spirit and passion for the Value of the Person to the workplace for over 40 years. From international organizations like Boeing, Owens-Illinois, Amsted Rail, General Motors and others, to hospitals, nursing homes, educational institutions and service industries, Value of the Person has delivered dramatic, measurable results of cultural change and greater productivity.

A Team That Has Walked In Your Shoes

Each member of the VOP team has real-world experience in operations, and has been personally impacted by the Value of the Person in their own workplace, career and home. Each can speak to the commitment necessary to implement the principles of Love, Dignity and Respect and what it takes to make Value of the Person a way of doing business, the culture of an organization.

Over 40 Years Of Transforming Organizations

It Began With One Foundry

In the 1970’s, Pittron Steel, a small foundry in western Pennsylvania, was spiraling towards bankruptcy. The company made Wayne T. Alderson, founder of Value of the Person, the Vice President of Operations. Alderson believed in a radical approach: putting people first because it is the right thing to do. Within 21 months, he built a team that became a family. Pittron experienced a dramatic turnaround, improving profits, quality and morale. The story of Pittron’s success became the template for a new vision for the workplace. There is a better way: the Value of the Person.