Love, respect and workforce strategy? Value of the Person in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“After her father died in 2013, Nancy Alderson McDonnell grappled with how to carry on his legacy.

Decades ago, Wayne Alderson garnered national recognition for Value of the Person — an employee relations philosophy that promotes love, dignity and respect for all workers as a means to improve productivity and workplace culture.

Chronicled in books, national news accounts and a documentary film, the program evolved from Mr. Alderson’s efforts in the early 1970s to mend hostile union-management relations at Pittron Steel, a foundry in Glassport….”

Wayne Alderson, left, created the program. In this 1978 photo, he is with his daughter, Nancy Alderson McDonnell, along with Francis "Lefty" Scumaci and Reid Carpenter. All were members of the working committee of the first annual International Labor-Management Prayer Breakfast.

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